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Welcome Designer Charlie LeRoy to RDFW

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Charlotte (Charlie) LeRoy was born in Ohio and moved to California four years ago. We knew at a very young age that there was a lot in store for her. She started modeling and acting right away and has continued to grow. Charlie loves to model and act and over the last year has found a new passion to add to her resume. She has designed over 30 pieces and is learning how to make patterns and sew. She was featured in four fashion shows so far this year and has a few more events booked for the year already. Charlie is inspired to do great things and she has looked up to Hedy Lamarr, Betty White and most importantly her grandpa.

Charlie has a big heart and is an inspiration to all who meet her. What she loves the most about her designs is sharing them with everyone. Follow her on Instagram @charliefashiondesign

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