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Pineapple Sol is our Official Caterer.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

VIP guests, get ready to enjoy the grazing table provided by Pineapple Sol. Tasting these amazing creations is impossible to resist, even though the table is so pretty. You won't want to mess it up. Please, go ahead. That's what it's there for.

About the Owners:

Pineapple Sol is located in the lovely Triangle, North Carolina, and was founded by two talented female entrepreneurs, Dahiana Vitabar and Aleena Azhar. Vitabar and Azhar’s parents migrated to America, making them first-generation minority women, Americans, and big dreamers. Their vision was always to do something that would bring people together inspired by their love of food and their community. And so, Pineapple Sol was born, connecting people through unparalleled catering and magical experiences.

View their website here. or follow their Instagram @pineapplesol

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